There’s no doubt, allowing light to flood into our homes is uplifting. With more and more contemporary domestic properties being designed to bring the outside in, it’s clear it positively impacts our lives. But with every silver lining there is a cloud and ultraviolet (UV) is that cloud. It’s the most damaging element of light for our health, our art, furnishings, curtains, furniture, books, and documents. You name it, if left unprotected UV will irreversibly damage it.

Sometimes I actually thank goodness for technology especially when it improves and enhances our lives.

In a previous blog “Which glazing is right for your artwork?” I looked at technical advances in picture framing glass and acrylics, to better protect your artwork from UV damage. Whilst we can’t stop damage caused by ultraviolet light, we picture framers can slow it down. If you’re a belts and braces person like me, you will take advantage of all opportunities to preserve the condition of your artwork for as long as possible.

bright light landing on artwork through venetian blinds

It’s not a good idea to hang artwork in direct sunlight, no matter how much protection it’s possible to give it.

strong coloured wall vulnerable to fading

Strong colours are particularly vulnerable to UV damage. 

There is now the opportunity to enhance this protection and at the same time protect other elements of your home. A simple retro installation to your windows of a film containing UV absorbers blocks a large percentage of damaging light rays. 


I discovered this when setting up my picture framing studio. It’s south facing and has a roof light, so I was conscious of the discomfort of working in the summer heat and I wanted to ensure the safety of my client’s artwork. I was introduced to Ultrastop a subsidiary of Next Doors Ltd, it was a revelation. When the installation was complete you would never know there was anything attached to the glass and it’s scratch resistant.

Installation of UV blocking film to window

UV blocking film being applied to a window.

The Ultrastop team uses three core products by Opalux®, clear UV film, reflective window film and opaque privacy film. Much of their work is in high-value domestic properties, museums and galleries.

Classical interior featuring valuable art & furnishings

Some artwork and interiors are of historic value. Already fragile they’re too valuable to allow them to succumb to further damage.

museum exhibits protected by UV blocking film applied to display cabinets

      It’s not just our personal possessions and artwork          that warrant and benefit from protection.

Opalux® is a UK premier brand of architectural window film, their product range and experience caters for every conceivable application:

  • Heat & glare control
  • Energy control
  • Privacy & light management
  • Safety & Security
  • UV Control, Dermatology & Anti-Fade
  • Window Tints
  • Anti-Graffiti Window Film
  • Patterned Films
  • Window Graphics
  • Digitally Printed Films for Windows & Walls
  • Exterior-Grade Window Films

The damage to expensive artwork and furnishings can never be reversed, but these items can be significantly and simply protected.

“Opalux® specialist UV control film is designed for museum conservation and retail use to protect exhibits, displays and furnishings from UV radiation which is one of the main causes of premature fading in these environments”.

 This film exceeds the standard museum test for low UV transmission and colour distortion and passes the requirements of leading conservation experts who have researched ultra-violet filters. It’s also beneficial for people with a UV sensitive skin conditions.


  • Excellent rejection of harmful UV rays.
  • Quick, retro-fit installation.
  • Scratch-resistant.


  • Reduced fading of interior furnishings.
  • Can be used where costly and disruptive large-scale replacement of existing glazing is not a viable option.
  • Suitable for most non-abrasive window-cleaning methods”.

So there you have it, what could be simpler? You don’t have to compromise your lifestyle as long as you take the right steps to protect anything valuable to you. For more technical information visit Opalux® and to book a visit, contact the guys at Ultrastop, don’t forget to tell them Edge Bespoke Picture Framing sent you.

Please note none of the products discussed will stop UV damage. The more protection provided, the more the effect of light will be reduced.