Mount Design & Cutting

Transform and protect your work. The mount has two main functions, to present your work and to protect it from the cold surface of the glass.

There are no hard and fast rules about the size of the mount, and although you’ll hear picture framers referring to “over or under” mounting, it really is down to personal preference, but the work should look balanced.

Mount colours and textures affect the character of your work. Colour will influence the “mood”. Different colours will draw your attention to specific areas of the image resulting in a different, but no less successful presentation.

It’s important that the mount sits well with the moulding. We use them as tools to attract your attention and draw you in to the picture. Carefully considering the image offers clues to suggest the style of mount and moulding to show off your work.

As it’s the image being presented, it’s not a good idea to mount and frame it in isolation to “match” your room; it may not be the best solution for the artwork. Choose imagery that works with your surroundings, the presentation will sit well in your room and do the best job for the artwork at the same time.

Mount Design & Cutting
Mount Design & Cutting

There is a huge range of mount options when presenting your work:

  • Square, rectangular, circular, oval, single, double, triple, multi-aperture and now computerised mount cutting, that’s just for starters.
  • Spaced mounts allow pastel residue to disappear rather than collect on the lower bevel.
  • A collection of small associated pieces of work presented in a multi-aperture mount adds importance, and helps to “tell a story.” Perfect for presenting collections, medals, and photographs.
  • Double and triple mounts add dimension and space between the image and the frame without the image looking lost. They can also be used to add importance to a smaller piece of work.
  • Float mounting is the perfect way to present a piece of work when the edge is part of its character, like papyrus, a fragment of fabric or handmade paper. Keeping the edges visible enhances the qualities of this kind of work.
  • Dry mounting stabilises and improves the presentation of creased and damaged work, but this process is irreversible and not recommended for valuable or historical work.

Mount decoration

A flash of inspiration and flare.

Mount Decoration “Line & wash” or “French matts” provide loads of opportunities to further enhance traditional work.

The boldly coloured “antique style” of the sixteenth century, was followed in the middle of eighteen century by the more restrained “classical style”; both intensity of colour, and band widths were more modest. “Fantasy style” today, follows no set rules but the design will be balanced and enhance rather than compete with the image.

“V” grooves provide a crisp, clean embellishment to a contemporary piece of work. We can take advantage of coloured core mount board for a flash of colour accentuating a detail in the artwork, or create a subtle shadow in solid coloured board for a supremely crisp professional finish.

Mount Design & Cutting

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