Our Edge

Whether you pretty much know what you want, and just need a bit of reassurance or you want to lean on us all the way, that’s fine too. Either way the process is simple and enjoyable.

So how does it work? We spend time together getting to know each other at our studio where you can park right outside. We chat about your project whether you know what you want and just need a bit of reassurance or you’d like advice and inspiration. We get to know your likes, dislikes, your style and your budget. We’ll advise on how to approach your work and explain why. The process is simple, enjoyable and informative. You can ask as many questions and try as many different mount and moulding options as you like; all to help us bring out the best in your work and for you decide if you are happy leaving your treasured job with us.

We will

  • Raise your work to another level.
  • Make you proud of your investment.

  • Raise the perceived value of your work.
  • Use the most appropriate materials and techniques.
  • Care for treasured family heirlooms.

There are so many reasons why we have the edge on our competitors:

Not being on a high street means next to no overheads, and whilst we don’t compete on price the quality of our work is exceptional.

Bev works with you directly, so there’s no apathy on our part. You’ll share in her passion and skills. You won’t be given an option and told “that’s it”; enjoy trying ideas and seeing how it affects your work.

Bev is personally answerable to you, so if you’re not completely chuffed to bits with our suggestion, we will reframe your job at our cost. We’re fully insured so there’s nothing to worry about.

Clients travel miles to work with Bev and here we really do have the edge. You can park right outside the studio so no worries about wardens, meters, or how far you have to walk with your picture risking people, wind and rain, just pull right on up.

Yes we prefer that you make an appointment, it saves your time should we be unavailable when you arrive; but the bonus is we’re not tied to standard trading hours. We’re pleased to see you when it’s most convenient to you.

Finally it’s important that you’re completely happy but if not, you’re under no obligation to order.

That’s our edge.

Bev Saunders Edge Framing

I’m Bev; a Lincolnshire lass who relocated to Kent and is passionate about art, colour, design and interiors. With an emphasis on a quality product and a friendly, fun service, I want you to really enjoy being involved in making your artwork look great.

I present, protect and preserve (frame) artwork and imagery of all media, documents, certificates and treasured possessions such as medals, sports shirts, and pretty well anything three dimensional. All designed and crafted in my studio.

Great design goes without saying, but what’s going on behind the scenes is just as important. I use the most appropriate materials and techniques to protect your work for as long as possible. When you think about it, I never know when I’m framing work by the next Damien Hirst, and encouraging young talent brings on the next generation of creatives.

Picture framing is a passion. My mission is to help clients, creatives and galleries bring out the best in their artwork and help protect special items that have been passed down through families, destined for future generations.


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