Christmas Comes to George’s Barn

The hustle and bustle of setting up at a designer/maker craft fair is all the more fun when you throw in a touch of magic…………………….Christmas! Who can resist and who doesn’t drift down memory lane rekindling the magic of Christmas’ past, and why? To make memories for today’s youngsters both young and old; because let’s [...]

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How about this big boy, isn’t he just beautiful?

Seriously this is the largest piece of work I have framed to date. Measuring 143cm X 80cm and finishing at 170cm X 99cm “Adam’s Back” was a welcome challenge to complete in my compact and bijou workshop. It was a privilege and a pleasure to work on this stunning graphite and wash drawing by Claire [...]

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Born to be wild – Photographed to be treasured

On 29 September 2015 I said goodbye to Djala, or should I say Djala’s image. Described as a magnificent wild-born, western lowland silverback gorilla, (and my goodness is he handsome), Djala now in his mid 30’s, was rescued from abuse as an infant after his parents were killed for bush-meat. A French woman living [...]

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