Love art but struggle to know what, where & how to display it?

So, you've collected lots of artwork by favourite artists and want to hang them to start enjoying them. That’s understandable, but now you're wondering "what, where and how, do I do it?" Don't be overwhelmed, you just need to be a little organised and do some simple (I promise!!!) maths. Be aware of the structure [...]

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Best Watercolour Tool You’ll Ever Own

Do you struggle to mix watercolours to create the tones you are after? Have you wasted paper, paint and time and finished up feeling frustrated and disillusioned? Here’s a great tutorial explaining the benefits of creating your own colour mixing chart, and how to do it. It might take a little time to complete, but [...]

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Remove or Retain Original Stretcher Bars for Transportation

This atmospheric painting was bought in Italy and brought back to the UK full of happy memories of a great holiday. It was removed from its stretcher bars to ease transportation on the plane. A perfectly good reason to do so, however having stretched the canvas ready to paint, the artist then trimmed off what [...]

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Hi, let me introduce myself

I'm Bev, I’ve been involved in picture framing since joining Aza Adlam at Decent Exposure in Bristol back in the early 90’s. Aza was a talented intuitive framer with many years’ experience and, lucky for me was happy to pass on her experience and accumulated knowledge. After relocating to Kent I opened Edge Bespoke Picture [...]

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