Sometimes in life you are given an opportunity to do something special for someone, and from our experience of this project, my advice would be take up every opportunity.

It was a real privilege to frame this T-shirt for a very special young lady. At just 5 years old Paige endured lifesaving surgery. On Mother’s day 2008 her family received the phone call they had been waiting for, an organ match had been found for Paige and she was to be admitted immediately to Kings College Hospital in London.

In 2013, organised by the Rays of Sunshine charity a lifelong wish to see One Direction in concert was finally realised. Not only that, Paige was to meet the guys and be presented with this signed T-shirt. Understanding what this meant to Paige, Mum rallied round to find a way to put it permanently in pride of place, which is where we came in. Paige’s treasured T-shirt is now on display and she can say “Hi” to the guys every time she walks into her room. We designed and created a mount and box frame and supported the garment to maintain its shape. It’s now protected from “touchy feely fingers” and UV acrylic slows light damage prolonging the life of the shirt and those precious autographs for very many years. Acrylic was chosen over glass as an effective precaution against over excitable teenagers. For very many years Paige will smile to herself as she glances at the T-shirt and remembers that very special day.

Bev presents Paige with her framed One Direction T-shirt
Paige and her Mum see for the first time her framed One Direction T-shirt .

Why should you take every opportunity to do something special? Paige had a wish come true, we have the satisfaction of knowing that we had an involvement. We know how much this means to her because we received this lovely letter, which we treasure.

I do so love my job.

Thank you letter from Paige to Bev.