If you missed it and would like to listen to our interview, here is a link to the podcast. Hear about Judith Herbert’s amazing background, how she and husband Victor work together to bring originality, style and class to Hythe High Street, and to your home. The story amazingly includes me, my history where I came from and how I got to where I am today. Find out how our paths crossed, and how we collaborate on projects for Judith and Victor’s clients.

A huge thank you goes to Nathalie Banaigs for inviting us both and for her gentle persuasion to be interviewed.

Saturday 6th May saw the launch of a wonderful new business in Hythe High Street. Husband and wife team Victor and Judith Herbert brought their uniquely creative skills to Hythe. They are the inspiration behind their stunningly stylish business, Hibou Art Interiors. It was a pleasure to assist in a small way for the preparation of the opening. I framed three gorgeous pieces of work, two original vintage watercolours and one of Victor’s beautiful photographs.

I had already bumped into Victor as he worked furiously on his hands and knees resurrecting an oak floor, ready for the opening. He is a chap who loves to chat, which is great because so do I and I could talk with Victor for hours. I became so excited as I learnt more about his and Judith’s experience and influence on the fashion industry in the 1980’s, their subsequent influence on interiors and design, and Victor’s passion for his art, photography and obsession for precision and finite detail.

I’ve enjoyed working closely with this amazingly talented couple ever since, and in September Judith and I were interviewed by Nathalie Banaigs of Kent Creative Arts for its online radio show. It’s a weekly arts programme, broadcast on Tuesday afternoon at 4pm. Our interview hit the airwaves on 14th November.