Enhance your home

Art stirs emotion which is why it’s a great tool for adding character to your home. It can add drama, or turn the mood right down. Use it to solve spatial problems by opening up a space or cosying it down. Use it to create balance in your room. Choose art to inspire a colour scheme or reflect your personality and don’t forget humour, art doesn’t have to be serious or expensive.

The style of the frame is influenced by the art, and where it’s to be displayed. It can be used to reinforce internal architecture; the picture frame is closely linked with joinery detailing like skirting board and architrave.

Why you need a bespoke picture framer
Why you need a bespoke picture framer

Enhance the reputation of your business

For the commercial environment quality visuals professionally presented are great marketing tools. It’s an opportunity to raise your company profile and influence your client’s perception as they enter your building. Equally the positive effect on a waiting client shouldn’t be underestimated.

As a bespoke picture framer we will enhance your corporate identity and reflect the dynamics of your company, whilst being mindful of the display environment. Large images in a public space may well need specialist alternatives to glass for safety reasons.

Enhance the working environment for your staff

Research is providing more and more evidence of the effect art can have on staff morale, particularly when they’ve helped to choose the artwork and where it’s to be displayed. Artwork in the workplace has a major impact on people’s wellbeing, satisfaction, motivation and even their attitude to you, the boss. Ultimately productivity will benefit, so the decision to include art in your office can be significant. Here’s the research to prove it.

We can introduce you to registers, artists, photographers and publishers to help you find the right images, from your board room to your break-out area then frame them to suit.

why you need a bespoke picture framer
why you need a Bespoke Picture Framing

Your work is safe with us

We work to standards recognised by The Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG), an organisation that sets standards for the guidance of professional picture framers and their clients. Guild management oversees the pooling of best practice and knowledge from within the industry, setting standards based on UK accredited tests, established practice and experience of proven products.

Guild standards have been developed by and for the industry, and are designed to protect your art as well as providing clear guidelines for professional picture framers. Their standards for picture framing and framing products mean that businesses and their clients trade with confidence. From time to time the Guild reviews and updates standards, accommodating new products, technology and knowledge.

4 levels of framing provide:

  • A consistent bench-mark of standards.
  • An informed choice of different levels of framing to suit your individual needs.
  • Enable you to compare quotations on a ‘like-for-like’ basis. It is essential to demonstrate why a job may be priced above that given by a competitor and why a framer is recommending a particular level of framing.
  • Show you there is more to framing than fitting a piece of glass and a rim round a painting.
  • Educate framers.
  • Help the Guild when arbitrating in disputes around whether a given specification has been met.

4 levels of framing are:

1. Ultimate level – Ultimate protection for your artwork, using conservation methods and the best quality conservation materials. All processes are reversible, provide ultimate UV protection and the best pH neutral environment within the frame. Recommended for historically important, highly valuable originals, prints and irreplaceable objects.

2. High level – High level protection for your artwork using conservation methods and conservation materials. All processes are reversible and will help provide longevity to the framed item. Suitable for limited edition prints, originals and items of sentimental value.

3. Mid-level – Mid-level protection. Using good quality materials and methods this level is great for easily replaceable artwork and items. It offers some protection against atmospheric pollution and acid damage.

4. Low level – Low level protection using basic materials and/or methods. Ideal when price is all important and the artwork has no financial or sentimental value.

We are proud to be a member of The Fine Art Trade Guild.

We subscribe to its CPD programme, use its technical resources and contribute to its trade magazine “Art + Framing Today”.

For more information about the Fine Art Trade Guild click here.

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