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Textile Framing

Every job is different, each presenting its own challenges. This medium is as varied as the artists who work with it, but whatever the combination of materials; all textile based art is susceptible to the same destructive elements as paper based art.

We’re conscious of the time taken to produce many textile pieces such as free or machine embroidery, stump-work, tapestry, beadwork, silk painting, batik. The list is endless which is why we use appropriate techniques and materials to prepare, square, support and stabilise them ready for framing. Behind the scenes preparation is just as important as the bit you see in the finished frame. Poor or no preparation can cause irretrievable damage.

Every job is different, each presenting its own challenges. New ethnic artwork may have been created using natural non-lightfast pigments, old textiles like period samplers and garments may be weakened and fragile. Damaged, but historically valuable textiles are supported using compatible fabrics which look similar but are the weaker element of the display, preserving the original work.

This is a specialist area, and when necessary we’ll either take advice from industry experts before starting this work or suggest that you speak directly with a fabric conservator.

Textile framing
Textile framing
Textile framing
Textile framing

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