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Corporate Framing

“Art makes your environment more pleasurable to be in, more inspiring, engaging and more vibrant. It has benefits for the employer in terms of staff retention, energy levels and providing a point of inspiration.” James Burke

Why would a business need a bespoke picture framer?

Display confidence in your business, product and team. Be proud and professional. You have just seven seconds to make an impression when clients enter your space, so use it wisely. Make sure that excellent presentation says “Hi, welcome, we’re here doing good and we’d love to work with you”.

Art in the office is an asset and an investment. It inspires, promotes wellbeing, job satisfaction and boosts productivity. Create an environment in which staff want to be and harness the positive impact that will benefit your organisation.

Want to be a “go to” boss? Reward staff, show them you value their achievements, frame their qualifications and publicly present them back.

To view what artist James Burke thinks about art in the workplace

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Corporate Framing
Corporate Framing
Corporate Framing
Corporate Framing

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