The hustle and bustle of setting up at a designer/maker craft fair is all the more fun when you throw in a touch of magic…………………….Christmas!  Who can resist and who doesn’t drift down memory lane rekindling the magic of Christmas’ past, and why? To make memories for today’s youngsters both young and old; because let’s face it we’re all kids at heart.

“George’s Barn” is just the perfect venue for a Christmas Fair, and for two weekends, finishing on Sunday 19th November hosted exactly that. The 300 year old Kentish barn dismantled in 1987 in preparation for the construction of the Eurotunnel Terminal was relocated to its new site at Peene in early 2000.  Refurbished and reassembled retaining all of its character and charm it’s now a place for people to enjoy, learn about the countryside, experience craft workshops and is the venue of many craft events. Its old timbers force you to walk in the past, creating an ambience you will just not achieve in modern buildings. It has its own kind of magic.

Here’s a few photographs of the magic of Christmas at George’s Barn and a few stocking filler ideas from us, little frames for special memories, photographs, and artwork. Personal and precious presents; and we have some left, so do drop in to our studio at Castle Avenue in Hythe.

Dressed like Santa, making Christmas memories

Dressed like Santa, making memories.

George's barn decorated for Christmas.

George’s barn decorated for Christmas.

Everyone wants to meet Santa at Christmas.

Everyone wants to meet Santa.

Framed Christmas presents waiting for a home.

Framed presents waiting for a home.

Little frames to fill those Christmas stockings.

Little frames to fill those stockings.

Santa's little helpers for Chrsitmas.

Santa’s little helpers???