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Conservation & Museum Framing

Conservation & Museum framing are two recognised standards of picture framing which protect fragile items and preserve their current condition for the future. Damage devalues everything, so we aim to slow the rate of natural decay by using best practice techniques and best quality materials.

  • Environmental fluctuations cause deterioration so we make sure the item or artwork doesn’t touch the glass.
  • Foxing, staining and bleeding are reduced by using pH neutral mounts and barriers protecting work from impurities in papers, board stock and mouldings.
  • Improved glass technology offers a range of options preserving work from dastardly UV light.
  • Properly sealing the framing package reduces the potential for creepy crawly infestation and damage.

We use all of these techniques and materials ensuring an appropriate level of protection. There are three levels of conservation determined by the sentimental, financial and historic value of the item. Museum and conservation are the highest grades and all of the processes are reversible.

Advancements in technologies are continually improving the ability to preserve, so we use best practice and materials available at the time of framing.

Conservation & Museum Framing
Conservation & Museum Framing
Conservation & Museum Framing
Conservation & Museum Framing

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