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Artwork Framing

Bring out your individual and personal style. Supported by the industry’s leading suppliers we have access to traditional and funky contemporary materials that will blow your socks off, and suit all styles of artwork. But how do you decide which frame?

A good start is to remember the purpose of the frame is to enhance your work so we allow the style and character of it to suggest the frame. Shape, scale, materials and finishes will affect the finished “look”, so you can have a lot of fun trying different options and seeing what it does to your work.

Choose art because you love it. Use it to inspire and influence your colour scheme and set the mood for your room. Take elements from it creating individuality and instantly you have a style that could only be yours.

Art evokes an emotional response, it doesn’t need to be expensive and elitist but it should reflect your personality and the right frame will reflect the work.

Artwork Framing – all media
Artwork Framing – all media
Artwork Framing – all media
Artwork Framing – all media

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